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Parents of transgender-identified youth are speaking out against the American Academy of Pediatrics' recent guideline affirming the use of hormone therapy for transgender children, saying that it could "worsen the harm" brought to their children.

Pastor Francis Chan has warned that, in efforts to stop the Gospel from spreading, Satan is "going to everything he can" to keep Christians isolated and absorbed in their phones, preventing them from becoming united and realizing the power of the Holy Spirit within them.

It has a swipe and match interface that lets you go through peoples profiles and either match with them or swipe past. Nigerian Christian Singles If you’re particular about dating in your faith, then This is the dating site for you.

Nigerian Christian Singles vets each member with questions on their religious background and what church they attend.

If you belong to Jesus or give your sin and self to Him right now, you are forgiven by God.When we refuse to forgive someone, we "grieve the Holy Spirit of God." When we are unforgiving, the Spirit is grieving.Premeditated, cold-blooded murder is always unspeakably evil.It then uses that to match you with people who will be a better match for you.This way, you don’t have to filter through random profiles from people who wouldn’t fit your dating needs.With this site, you have access to thousands of singles that share the same faith with you.

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