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Rebranding and relaunching the company when the time was right was always in my bigger picture, though. And I often pair a funky envelope liner with a more refined invitation design.

And last year, Miles and I took the leap into establishing Sara Fitz. My advice for other co-working couples would be to have your own spaces. I do love mixing things up a bit with pops of color, pattern play, textural details. The same concept can be said about my approach to interiors — and my wardrobe, lol.

As a wife, a business partner to her husband, and a mother of two wonderful boys, Sara Fitzgerald O’Brien is always on the go — and she loves it.

We’re pretty casual people, with two busy boys and two rescue pups. Tons of advice will be thrown at you throughout the reno process…

By the time our wedding rolled around, I was designing suites for other couples (friends of guests and so forth).

And before long, I established my first studio, Griffin-vites.

We knew, for sure, that our home needed to be comfy and welcoming… go with what feels right for your family, what seems practical, and what you can envision living with on a daily basis. I walked away from plenty of really cool statement pieces that I adored, in favor of a more neutral timeless option.

Creating a kid-friendly (and dog-friendly) environment was a must for our family.

We approached the design knowing the spaces would be lived in and well-loved.

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