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Before this Costa Rica trip I’d visited my share of brothels and eros centres in Europe and Asia, and thought I’d seen everything.But Costa Rica girls are known to shock even the most well-traveled pleasure seekers.With such splendid delights of Costa Rica to enjoy, there is absolutely no reason not to take advantage of this offer.To begin your Costa Rican Brothel adventures in seconds, click below now.Asian and European red light districts have absolutely nothing on Costa Rica…and it’s all just a short plane trip away. One caters to tourist travel, while the other serves locals and more experienced travelers.I’m not ashamed to tell you that the first time I visited I fell into a very touristy brothel.As a newcomer, every time you see one of the Costa Rica brothels you won’t know if it’s a tourist trap or a gold mine.

The places they took me to weren’t like the places I’d been before, and were not listed in the yellow pages!

With one goal in mind; to take a newcomer by the hand and lead him directly and safely to the greatest sexual experience of his life!

Not only have new visitors given great reviews and feedback, I’ve even been contacted by seasoned locals thanking me for sharing this wealth of knowledge.

After all, the small tropical nation provides the ultimate combination: Since my first eye opening journey, I’ve made visits to Costa Rica an annual event, knowing full well that I can do better there than anywhere else in the world.

In fact I would challenge any sex traveler to find a place that offers a comparable level of quality, variety, price, and governmental open-mindedness. Costa Rica girls tend to work in one two types of brothel.

Not that the idea isn’t appealing on a certain level….

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