Aggressive behavior characterized by hitting intimidating


Read More Almost everyone knows someone with hearing loss who could use captioning to "fill in the blanks" in communication.

Captioning can relieve stress and bring contentment within the family, at the workplace, at conferences, and in many other venues.

Read More Employee advocacy programs empower employees to become brand advocates for the companies they work for.

When employees share their employers' posts with their social networks, they generate new audiences while building personal branding and thought leadership.

But they're also crowded: The National Park Service recorded nearly 331 million recreation visitors in 2017, just shy of its record-breaking year in 2016.

Read More Jaleh Daie is managing partner at Aurora Equity.

Fall brings colorful leaves tumbling from the trees and onto everything below.

But as pretty as they are, it's important to be aware that autumn leaves can create potentially hazardous conditions at your home and in your car.

Read More By definition, life is a personal journey.

Read More Women and Drones was asked to attend the Women in Technology International (WITI) Summit which was hosted in San Jose, CA from June 10-12. Read More Emerald Expositions, the largest operator of business-to-business trade shows in the United States, announced plans today for Inter Drone's fourth annual Women in Drones Luncheon, a special event it spearheaded in 2015 and has quickly grown into a model for networking in the commercial drone industry.

I jumped on the opportunity to join the Summit when Sharon asked me earlier this spring, and I am so glad that I did. Read More Technology Academy Finland awards the International Millennium Technology Prize every two years.

Read More There are many types of well-being that help us to be the best versions of ourselves.

It's easy to think of career, physical, or financial well-being as factors that contribute to our overall health.

With summer fading fast and fall approaching, one might wonder why publish a recap now about an event that occurred in the past?

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